TPA is a company that since 1993 designs and manufactures machinery for shredding waste. Starting from single machines that specifically took care of the grinding, today we have come to cover the complete process of waste management with complex and increasingly performing plants.

Our company is made up of people who, thanks to their expertise and their flexibility in following and satisfying the needs of the client, are able to develop complex projects at the state of the art, obtaining the highest quality systems.


The very high degree of technology of our plants and the flexibility of our projects allows us to offer our customers products that fit their needs and are able to multiply their productive and entrepreneurial capacity. The output generated by a TPA plant is, in fact, so refined that it can be reused in a very simple and highly profitable way.

Whatever the needs of our customers, our staff composed of engineers, designers, technicians and specialized personnel offers customized solutions, able to become a precious source of income for our interlocutors.

Our research and development department is constantly updated to always be a step ahead of our competitors and to be able to provide our customers with the most effective answer to their needs.